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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Haul: Zara, Primark, Rimmel & more...

I know at this time of year its all about giving gifts to others, but I was Christmas shopping in Festival Place in Basingstoke a few days ago and had a moment of weakness, saw a bunch of pretty things...and just couldn't help myself! lol

Anyways, cracking on with my haul (I suggest getting a tea right about now as its a pretty long post lol!) here's what I bought... all necessary purchases of course! ...

The first stop...Primark of course! If anything, just to get it over and done with! Its always so crowded, there's way too much stuff to look at and it kinda freaks me out a bit.  I always have an idea of what I want in there and this time I wanted to check out their sleepwear ...Primark always have great sleepwear!

I picked up two pairs of really cute bottoms.  The flannel/checked PJ trousers kind of reminded me of Home Alone (I know that's kind of weird! lol) but I saw them and thought... you are coming home with me! I picked them up in a size 10-12, they fit great and are super comfy! I love the silky draw string bits or whatever you call them!

I then picked up this super cute pair of christmassy PJ shorts, I was going to go for the trouser version but I liked the frilly bits round the edges... what girl doesn't like a bit of frill on their PJ shorts right?! I don't own any sort of Christmas sleep wear, so they were definitely going in the basket! I picked these up in a 10-12 as well.

I then made a stop in Zara...Lovely Zara...

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the gorgeousness of this bag *swoon!

This was the reason for my stop in Zara! Zara always seem to hit the nail on the head when it comes bags! This is from their TRF Basics collection and was around the £20 mark... no complaints from me at that price!! They do this in a few different colours but I decided to pick it up in Tan. Iv got my eye on the stone one as well... you can check out the website for more colours here.

I then took a wonder round the rest of the store ...I walked past the countless scarf stands and found this beaut ...as soon as i felt how soft this scarf was, it was love! I decided right then and there that I needed it! I then spotted this gorge green jumper...one can never have too many jumpers in winter ya know! I realised I didn't have a jumper this colour in my wardrobe...so clearly, I needed it lol! ...£70 later I emerge from Zara!

I then of course did the obligatory Boots and Superdrug visits... I can never come out empty handed!!

I Picked up the Rimmel Blush in Santa Rose, such a pretty peachy colour (not that i don't have enough peachy shades already)... and the perfect name for this time of year! I first heard about this particular blush in a post on the gorgeous blog that is I Covet Thee  and it was instantly on my wish list. A review of this coming up soon!

On a separate shopping trip (yes another one! lol), I picked up a few other makeup and beauty bits and pieces... I swear, I should not be allowed a bank card sometimes!...

I picked up another tube of the Hydraluron serum, I cant survive without this in winter, I think this is my third tube of the stuff! *its currently on offer in boots, you can pick it up for a smidgen of the price at just £16.99!... I'd like to try their eye cream, I might have to pick it up while its still on offer! I also picked up another mascara. I'm a little obsessed with mascaras at the moment, I'm still trying to find my perfect drugstore mascara. And my last purchase, some falsies! With the party season fast approaching, I needed to stock up! I found these lovelies on offer in Superdrug for around about £3.40, bargain!!

Phew! So a whole lot of money and some "neccassery" purchases later... my haul post is fin!

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