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Thursday, 12 December 2013

The Christmas Outfit Dilemma: Part 1. The Work Christmas lunch...

The outfit dilemma… it’s the same every year, I never know what to wear for the main “events” for the holidays, you know the ones… The work Christmas lunch, Christmas eve, Christmas day and New Years eve.

I get stressed out enough as it is buying gifts for everyone and all the wrapping…I hate wrapping! I’ve never been very good at it! But then I have to decide on what to wear as well! Soo, I’ve decided to do a little 4 part series, just to show my “outfits of choice” for each of the 4 “events” of the holidays.
So this is Part 1…The work Christmas lunch outfit…

Outfit: Work Christmas lunch
My work Christmas lunch falls on a Friday, so it will be a “dress down day” but I didn’t want to dress down too much.  I wanted something comfy that’s still casual enough for the office but work meal out appropriate!
I’ve gone for a pair of black high waist skinny jeans (a wardrobe essential), a shirt that has a rather masculine cut but with a feminine print (I’ll be tucking this in to my high waist jeans and untucking it slightly round the edges, if that make sense!), a black blazer (another wardrobe essential) some cute boots, a black bag…you can never really go wrong with a Zara bag! And a gold spike necklace as a contrast to the girly heart print on the shirt.



  1. Love the red heart printed shirt, just like the Burberry one!! x

    1. Thanks lovely! Its from Topshop & the white one's from Newlook believe it or not! :) xx

  2. I love this look!



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