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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Amsterdayyuum baby!!

One word... Amsterdam! Yep thats right, I've just come back from a trip away to one of the worlds most known cities! It was blooming A-mazing! I had such a crazy fun time, you seriously need to go! Its one of those places that everyone NEEDS to visit at least once in their lives!  I didn't really get a chance to take many pictures while I was there... in all honesty I was having such a crazy time that I kinda forgot lol! But here's my sort of photo diary type thing ...really its just snaps of times that I actually had my camera out haha!

This was waiting for us in our rooms, how cute?! I'd totally stay in the same hotel again!! We actually stayed in Monnickendam, which is just outside of Amsterdam (like a 10 minute bus ride!) our hotel was called Lakeland Hotel, it was pretty basic but I would totally stay there again... free bar from 8 - 11...hello! and the staff were lovely!

 The view from our balcony, we overlooked the mariner... such a great view to wake up to!

Anne Franks house. I wanted to go inside, but the Q was mahoosive! At least we got to ride by it on the canal trip!

 HUGE beers! Soo yummy!

A Marylin moment in the Sex Museum!

Cheers in Amsterdam! ...I won't go in to the sordid details of some of the cray cray things I got up to, Amsterdam literally chewed me up and spat me back out again haha! But I loved it & can't wait to go back!

On the way back to England we stopped in Bruges...Its so gorgeous! This day we had breakfast in Amsterdam, lunch in Bruges and tea back in England! How odd lol!

Sorry if the pictures look a bit dodgey, some were taken on my camera and others were taken on my iPhone lol xo

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