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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Raspberry Peach Macaroon...

I'm a huge candle fan! And the Bath and Body Works candles have always been on my hit list! I hear all the beauty gurus on YouTube talk about how great they are. Unfortunately they're quite hard to get hold of here in the UK. I was browsing eBay a few weeks back and on a whim decided to browse for Bath and Body Works products, I was surprised to see that there a quite a few sellers on there selling a fair amount Bath and Body Works products & candles!!

I ended up finding this bad boy 3 wick candle in the scent Raspberry Peach Macaroon. I read the name and was sold... Raspberries - love! Peaches - Love! Macaroons - my favourites!  The candle cost me around about £18ish including p+p which is amazing! Especially considering the price of the big Yankee candles or say Diptyque candles (I would looove a Diptyque candle, but I still can’t bring myself to part with the money!).
I haven’t burnt this candle yet, so I’m not sure how well it burns – as in does it give off any soot & things like that (FYI my Laura Mercier candle is terrible for that!) – but I can tell you this candle smells delicious! I open the lid and that’s enough to fill my room with the scent! For a candle to fill my room with its scent and to not even burn it is the sign of a good candle to me! I’d highly recommend scowering eBay and picking one of these beauts up! Or if your in the states (you lucky buggers) defo head down to your nearest Bath & Body Works store and stock up on these!! I know as soon as its payday I’m going to be ordering me some more of these!!... If there are any more of the Bath & Body Works candles that you beauts out there recommend getting, let me know! xo

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