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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Whats in your online basket?

I was going to do a February favourites but as that time has now come and gone…and I can barely remember what I had for tea last night, let alone what I was loving a whole month ago, I decided to do a sort of different post… these are the things that I’ve been lusting over recently and products that have been fixtures in my virtual baskets for a while! A sort of “my picks from online's finest beauty haunts” sort of post…

First up is the beauty lover’s heaven that it Space NK:

01.  Diptyque candles – everyone loves a good Diptyque candle, I’ve always resisted getting them, mainly because of the price but I think its high time I dip my toes in the Diptyque candle pool!!

02. Sarah Chapman Skin Care – Again, I’ve heard lots of great reviews about this brand! As a sensitive skin gal I’m always weary of trying new products/wasting my money! Skin care these days can be pretty pricey, so I don’t want to waste my hard earned pennies on something that won’t work for me! But after watching countless YouTube vids of people recommending this brand I decided that this brand might be worth a go to battle my skin dehydration blues! The two products that have really caught my attention are the Eye Recovery Serum and the Overnight Facial.

03. Hourglass brow arch pencil – I’ve heard so many good things about this! It’s a bit on the pricey side, but that still hasn’t stopped me from plonking it in my basket (although my shade is currently out of stock online *sad face!)

My second beauty haunt, Escentual:

01.  Bioderma – I’m a massive fan of Bioderma, I’m always stocking up on this!! And this is one of my favourite websites to buy it from!!

02.  Clarins exfoliating and brightening toner – I tried a sample of this after watching one of ICovetThee’s YouTube vids and fell in love with it! I’ve heard exfoliating toners are great for the skin and this one doesn’t irritate me or turn my face a particularly horrid shade of beetroot! lol

03.  Caudalie Beauty Elixir – Everyone and their mum knows about this little beauty gem! I’ve never actually given this a go as I’ve heard some pretty mixed reviews but as Escentual are having their 1/3 off sale, I thought it was about time this little guy made an appearance in my online shopping basket!

04.  Michael Kors beauty - I love his watches, I love his bags...so it I thought I'm bound to like his beauty line! I saw his line of polishes and decided that I need to add at least one of them to my collection...and have you seen the packaging, SO PRETTY!

Next up, Cult Beauty:

01. Therapy products – I’m in LOVE with their body and hair wash (it gives me a lovely little pick me up in the shower in the morning!) and have heard amazing things about their Himalayan bath salts! Some say it’s a good nights sleep in a pot! I’ve decided I need to try this out

02.  RMS products – I'm pretty sure everyone’s heard of RMS by now! This is a fave brand for many celebs out there, I know Miranda Kerr and Rosie Huntington-Whitley love this brand…and if its good enough for a model, its good enough for me! The 3 on my hit list are the Coconut cream (you can get cheaper versions in supermarkets but I like the idea that this is a cream and not an oily/balm!), The Living Luminiser and the Lip2Cheek tint in Smile…hello dewy skin!


01.  Glam Glow Mask – There’s been quite a lot of hype surrounding this product and all of it good! I’m a fan of a face mask anyway…anything for a pamper night right?! I want to know if this mask really does live up to the hype! This has secured a place on my hit list for sure!
02. Dior Lip Balm – Again, this is a product that I’ve heard so much about, some say even a dupe for the By Terry Baume de Rose! I’m a HUGE lip balm junkie, but I just couldn’t bring myself to part with all that money for the By Terry lip balm, so have decided this is a much most cost conscious version! A must try for me!
03. Tom Ford makeup – one word that sums up Tom Ford makeup…Beautiful! Where to start? The packaging, the colours, just wow! I’ve got my eye on the lipstick in the shade Wild Ginger and two of the nail polishes from the spring collection in the shades Sugar Dune and Coral Beach (which I think might be sold out *sheds a tear!)

Feel Unique:

01.  Elemis cleansing balm & beauty flash balm – I had a facial a few weeks back and found out that it was Elemis products they used! I got a couple samples in a goodie bag they gave me and decided to give them a go!...I liked what I tried and now really want their cleansing balm and their beauty flash balm. From having the facial I know that the Elemis line doesn’t irate my skin (although I did feel a slight tingle, but nothing I can’t handle) and it massively helped my dehydrated skin!

02.  Urban Decay – Feel unique have finally started stocking Urban decay products…I’m ashamed to say that I don’t own any of the Naked Palettes (*hangs head in shame) I’ve meant to purchase one of them for some time now but something else I want always seems to come up and I end up spending my hard earned dollaaaarz on something else! But now that they’re stocked here, I may just have to make the plunge!

Last but not least, Muji:

Images: from http://www.muji.eu

Ok, I know this isn’t a beauty product website – but it’s storage heaven for beauty junkies! Every gal needs somewhere to store all that pretty makeup! My top picks from all the beautiful acrylic storage on offer...

01.  The wide acrylic double draw set - I already have like 3 sets of these, but I always seem to need (want) more! These are perfect for makeup storage, I’ve already pimped these draws out to my girl friends!!

02.  The round pot – Perfect for storing makeup brushes, its cheap and simple, what’s not to love!

03.  The small acrylic single draw – perfect for keeping all your bedside table essentials neat and tidy!

Ok, so I know I have like 6 virtual shopping baskets on the go here (extreme much!! Lol) but these are some of things that have been on my “hit list for a while”… What’s in your virtual baskets? I'd love some recommendations of new things to try!



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