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Friday, 1 August 2014

Candles from the Body Shop...Who knew?!

I got this little beaut of a candle for my birthday a few weeks ago…I had NO IDEA the Body Shop sold candles! It’s about time! My muma bear, bless her, picked this one for me, it’s the Vanilla and Tonka Bean scent and is described as a luxury candle with the sophisticated, creamy aroma of vanilla and tonka bean. It has essential oils, it helps soothe the mind and is paraffin-free.

This candle smells sooo so good! Now I’m not sure what tonka bean smells like but I can smell the vanilla!  Vanilla has to be my go to scent for candles and this one smells awesome! It also has a slight hint of musk which could be the tonka bean, but who knows?! Lol
I haven’t burnt this candle yet - its just looking too pretty to burn right now lol - so I’m not sure how well it burns or if its one of those where you blow them out and your whole room turns in to a massive cloud of smoke! Lol But going by the reviews on the Body Shop website, this particular candle seems pretty good!
Now if they could just harness those gorgeous body butter smells into candles, that would be AMAZE! xo


  1. I never eard something about this candles but now i want to try them ^^
    xx Laura

    1. I’d definitely go check them out! xo

  2. If I'm going by any of their other scents their candles are going to smell soo good! Need to try them!
    Clothing Conscious // Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

    1. The vanilla smells seriously good! I NEED to check out their other scents! xo

  3. The local Body Shop to me closed down which is such a shame, I never remember about their candles when shopping online. This looks so lovely though, anything Vanilla is a winner to me.

    Catherine, xo // Lady Liquor

    1. I’m instantly drawn to any vanilla candle lol like a moth to a flame ;) lol! xo


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