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Thursday, 4 September 2014

August Favourites!

I'm currently writing this whilst tucked up in my nest, feeling ill! Colds are the worst rant they?! Anyways, I know everyone says this, but don't you think this month this whole year is flying by?! I can't believe we're in September already! I'm not even kidding, i've even spotted christmas chocolates in the shops! Come on! Its so not christmas yet!! lol The month of August was pretty good one! Here's what I couldn't live without throughout that month...

01. Allure Magazine - Could not believe my luck when I found this little gem in my my local WH Smiths, I had to grab! It's safe to say... I LOVE this magazine, is it weird to love a magazine? Beauty, Skin care and a little fashion thrown in there too...whats not to love right?! A firm favourite this month!

02. Maybelline Colour Sensational Shine Gloss in Cashmere Rose - This is perfect for those "no makeup" makeup days or if you want to down-play the lips as you've gone heavy on the eye makeup. For me, this is my go to everyday lip colour and I love it, I'm a natural makeup kinda girl and this fits in with that perfectly! It also smells pretty great too, kinda vanilla-y!

03. Victoria's Secret "Very Sexy Now" Perfume - I picked this up from the VS store in London, I saw all their pretty perfume bottles and was instantly drawn to this white and gold one...and it was love at first whiff! I'm not great at describing scents but to me it smells kinda florally with some grownup sexyness thrown in too! Every time I wear this I get compliments, which is always nice!

04.  Klorane Oat Milk Dry Shampoo - I picked this up after watching MissGlamorazzi's Youtube video, I'm always on the hunt for the best dry shampoo... & I think I may have found it! I love this! It doesn't leave my hair looking grey, its doesn't leave that gritty residue that some do and it really does soak up the greasiness! It also smells pretty good! I think I may have found my new fave dry shampoo!

05.  Dove Nourishing Oil Conditioner - I'm a big fan of the Dove conditioners, especially the Nourishing range.  This leaves my hair silky smooth and crazy soft! I just want people to touch my hair to feel how soft it actually is. I can't believe I've not featured this in a favourites before!

06.  Bumble & Bumble Sunday Shampoo - Finally got my hands on this bad boy and I can't believe I hadn't bought it sooner! As i do use a fair few products on my hair (such as dry shampoo!) this is makes my hair feel squeaky clean without leaving it feeling stripped and dry! Love this shampoo! In fact I've been loving the B&B Sunday Shampoo & Dove Conditioner combo!

07.  Essie Nail Polish in Sugar Daddy - This is the nail version of the "no makeup" makeup thing! It leaves a slight hint of pink on your nails so its in no way opaque at all! Although I do kinda wish it was! But this leaves my nails looking healthy, polished and put together.  I've been reaching for this a lot this month! Its also perfect for those that prefer a nude-er nail, I'm not one for bright neon polishes myself!

08.  Caudalie Beauty Elixir - I think I'm a bit late on the bandwagon with this one! I was in need of a facial spritzer this month and settled on this one and LAWD was it a good choice! The smell ahhh! Its minty goodness gets me every time! I spritz this on, it perks me up, it perks my skin up, makes me feel better and this is especially good for an afternoon pick me up!.  I even have a few friends loving this now! If you haven't already, definitely grab the travel size (like I did first) and give it a go!

Hope all you lovelies out there had a great August! Lets hope September is a good'un! xo

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  1. I can't be without my Bumble & Bumble Sunday Shampoo, I'm already on my second bottle it's a staple :)
    xxx Claire


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