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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Sick Day: The Essentials!

I don’t know about you, but a sick day for me means that I make myself a nest (aka. an overload of cushions and pillows in bed!) and surround myself with my favourite comforts! I had myself a sick day recently (colds are the worst aren't they?!) so here’s my survival guide/rundown of my sick day essentials...

01.  The Nest! // This is the most crucial part! This is where you’ll spend most of, if not all, your time, so for me I want this to be as cosy and comfortable as possible! Que lots of cushions and pillows…They're not on in this picture but, I also like to switch on the fairy lights, just it make it that much prettier!

02.  Body & Skin Care! //  When I’m ill I like to take a nice long shower and use products that perk me up - even when I really don’t have the energy to! Having a shower really does help get you out of that sick day feeling you get and really refreshes you!

Besides doing my usual skincare routine when I get out of the shower, I also like to keep a few things by my bedside to hydrate and perk up my skin throughout the day – I always find when I’m ill my skin gets dryer than normal! My 2 favourites?  The Caudalie Beauty Elixir to refresh and hydrate my skin, the smell is also incredible! and my Nuxe Rev De Miel lip balm as my lips tend to get super dry when I’m ill, so a lip balm is a must for me!

03.  The 2 M’s //  Movies & Magazines!  I would get super bored laying in bed all day without anything to occupy my time when I’m not busy snoozing!  I like to keep a supply of magazines on my bedside table just in case I fancy a read and a stash of movies is also important! For me, it’s mainly Disney and rom-com/feel good movies.

04.  Keep Hydrated! //  Nothing beats bottled water when your not well! My fave? Fiji! The bottle is cute, obvs the water tastes great and you can also keep track of how much water your drinking! (This is a 1lt bottle and I like to try and drink at least 3lt’s a day!).

I also like something nice to drink too, you gotta mix it up a little right! When I’m feeling crappy the Rose lemonade from Fentimans is just so pretty, it takes my frown and turns it upside down! How can you not look at that and think cuuuute!! Lol

05.  Treats!! //  When you’re not well, you’ve got to treat yourself! My treats of choice are iced coffees (I can’t get enough of these!) and my favourite chocolate! Which just so happens to be the Lindt dark chocolate with hazelnuts! Who doesn’t want chocolate when they’re ill?! I swear, chocolate is the cure! Lol… also Ben & Jerry’s peanut butter cup ice cream! Hands down the BEST ice cream ever invented EVER!!! A tub of this stuff sooths those bad throats, let me tell ya! (How many times can I say the word "Chocolate" in a paragraph?! lol)

That’s my run down of the things that literally save my life and make me feel almost human again when I’m poorly! Obvs meds are also advised! But I’m not really a medicine taking kinda person, if I get too bad then I will take something but there’s not really much you can take for colds (damn you cold virus!!).  Hope all you lovelies are keeping well! xo


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  1. Easy A is definitely a great pick me up! It always cheers me up.
    xxx Claire


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