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Saturday, 4 October 2014

West Quay Autumn Fashion Fix Event & #FeelingSpendy!

I attended the Autumn Fashion Fix event at West Quay recently, an email dropped in my inbox about it, I was intrigued, accepted the invite …and am so glad I did! It ended up being a super fun day with a girlfriend and to quote Amelia-Liana I was in a #feelingspendy kinda mood!

I ended up watching the 11.45 show - let me just tell you, getting the train to Southampton for this time was NOT fun! I think this particular show was called “Tapestry Folk” or something like that.  Every show was based on a different theme.  I really enjoyed it, I loved some of the outfit choices and would never have thought to put pieces like that together! For me this collection looked like it was based around “that” Burberry scarf, you know the one, the one that every celebrity under the sun is wearing right now with their initials on it. I did spy a couple of sparkly items that caught my eye and I did love the accessories – all Accessorize!

What I loved was that every item that was featured on the catwalk was a piece from a store at West Quay, so if you liked an outfit, you knew you would be able to find it! And every item in each store that was featured had a tag to let you know! I think it was a pretty awesome idea! Bravo West Quay!

After the fashion show we were super hungry! The only cure for this hunger… a Nandos! Hello lovely spiced to perfection chicken! Umm!

After filling ourselves up on Nandos we hit up John Lewis and like I said, I was feeling SUPER spendy! The joys of having a fresh wage packet in your bank!

I picked up another Bobbi Brown corrector in Extra Light Bisque.  I was running out and didn’t want to spend a day without it!

I also dropped some dollarz at the Giorgio Armani counter, I picked up a bottle of the Luminous Silk Foundation… corr this foundation really is as good as all the hype suggests! (Side Note: I got a sample of this before I invested in a whole bottle!).

My last stop in John Lewis was the wholly grail of all beauty counters… Chanel! This is where some serious damage happened!

I picked up the Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder in the shade B20 – I decided that I needed a sheer powder to set my makeup and Chanel was the only option! While I was there I decided to browse their lipsticks *insert a million heart eyed emoji’s!!!  I was not walking away from the counter without a Chanel lipstick… I settled for the shade Boy.  One of their best selling shades of all time and apparently named after Coco’s lover! Ooh la la!

We also browsed the home wear section in John Lewis… I love everything in there and in my mind I fill up my imaginary house full of pieces from what John Lewis have to offer!

Our last stop was Bouxe Avenue… I have to admit, the main reason I went in to the store was because they were handing out glasses of champagne… I’m a sucker for that stuff! But while I was in there decided that a few underwear purchases were necessary!

By the end of the day our feet were killing us, but I bloody love shopping in West Quay!

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  1. I'd love to see a swatch of that lipstick! So envious over this haul ha!


    Alice x


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