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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

November Favorites

I dont know about anyone else but, I can't believe just how quick this year is flying by! I honestly can't wrap my had around the fact that we are in the last ever month of 2014! It's kinda sad! Anyways, moving on from the sadness, these are a few of the things I've been loving this month...

01.  Bumble and Bumble Hairdressers Invisible Oil Primer //  This is just a travel size version, it came in the Hairdresser's Invisible Oil set thing that everyone was banging on about a while back - I have to say i've been loving this! I'm actually contemplating buying the full size when I run out, my hair feels super soft and hasn't felt this hydrated in... forever!! If you can get your hands on this, try it! I can't really comment on the scent, I wouldn't know where to begin describing it, but I can tell you I got a compliment the other day on how nice my hair smelt! Result!

02.  Rimmel Blush in "Santa Rose" // This is my perfect everyday blush, its nothing too out there or OTT, just nice and natural. This works well with pretty much any makeup look, whether you're rocking a smokey eye or bold ass lips, this is the blush I would recommend reaching for. I think I actually mentioned this in my October favourites! 

03.  Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light Bisque // I think this is another favourite that was featured in my October favourites...and for good reason too! I've been sporting some pretty serious dark under eye circles lately! If it wasn't for this, I would be walking around looking more zombie than human! I turned a friend on to this the other week, she doesn't know what she'd do without it now. I swear, the Bobbi Brown Correctors have magical eye awakening powers!

04.  Omorovicza Cleansing Foam // This is another travel size and another travel product that accompanied me to Berlin.  I don't usually have much time for foam cleansers, they dry my skin out and just generally don't agree with me...however, for this foaming cleanser I have all the time in the world! This literally takes off every last scrap of makeup/dirt/daily grime on my skin, it even removes the toughest waterproof mascara like its nothing! When you squeeze this out, the product inside is blue, I actually really like the colour! To me, this smells quite medicinal but then again I'm rubbish with describing scents.  I got this in the Omorovicza Introductory Set from Cult Beauty, I've done a post on this beauty here.

05.  Chanel Lipstick in "Boy" // I dedicated a whole post to this thing of beauty the other day (you can see that here) so I won't go on too much about it, but I will say this, it.is.beautiful!

06.  Mac Lipstick in Hue // Im OBSESSED with nude lips at the moment and besides the Chanel lipstick this is the other nude lip product that i've been constantly reaching for!  Its a beautiful nudey pink, theres no other way I can describe it! This is a must have for nude lip lovers I tell ya! - the next nude lipstick on my hit list... Creme D'Nude (obvs!).

07.  Benefit's Pore-fessional Primer // This stuff truly is magic - and like gold dust to get hold of! If you can get your hands on a tube, grab it and never let it go! This is a seriously heavy duty primer, so good in fact that after a night of partying, I come home and completely zonk out and forget to take my makeup off, I wake up the next morning, my foundation hasn't budged an inch, not one! I wouldn't even think of using any other primer!

08.  Topshop Boots //  These boots are seriously the most comfortable shoes from Topshop I have ever owned! Seriously, I have not had one single tiny blister from these and I wore these every day all day (and night) in Berlin! I'm just in love with them! I love the cut out detailing, I love the gold hardware and for Topshop, they weren't that pricey! If you spy these in a Topshop in your size, get them! or at least try them on! 

My last obsession this month has been Pinterest, I just can't get enough, I pretty much stalk through it on a daily basis! I use if for inspiration or just to have a general nosy in to other people's worlds! Some of the images, especially the landscape scenes, are just breath taking - the photography skills are incredible!  You can follow my Pinterest here if ya fancy have a look through some of my favourite imagines, or should I say, my "pins"!

Hope all you lovelies have had a great November and I wish you a very happy and Christmassy December! xo


  1. You have such a pretty blog :) Those Topshop boots are just gorgeous, I've been searching for a good pair of ankle boots for a while now and these ones look perfect! I've also got a Chanel lipstick on my wishlist for Christmas, but I can't decide between Boy and Satisfaction. I'm leaning more towards Boy now that I've read this post! x

    Rachael | overdosedemaquillage.com

  2. I love the Topshop boots they look gorgeous I have wanted a pair forever



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