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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Serums & Oils // Where to start?

I have a decent-ish skin care routine, but nothing really solid that I would want to share just yet. I’ve decided that I want to start introducing serums and oils in to my routine as my skin has been a little more dehydrated than usual these past couple of months and makeup just doesn’t seem to be sitting right on my skin at the moment.

I don’t know if I’m in the same boat as anyone else, and please tell me if I am, but when it comes to serums and oils – I literally have no idea where to start! I’m in my 20’s and I have normal to dehydrated skin with a slightly oily t-zone so I’ve decided that I should maybe steer clear of the “anti-ageing” serums and oils and focus more of putting the moisture and the glow factor back into my skin - although a little something that will help with the wrinkles over time would be nice too!

I’ve done my research (quite a lot of research!) and have narrowed down my choices to these 6, but I need a little help on deciding which one(s) I should invest in as I’ve heard great reviews about pretty much all of them!...

01. Sarah Chapman Skinesis Hydrating Booster 01 // £58

“This targeted serum provides intense hydrating moisture relief and helps to defend stressed, unbalanced and environmentally challenged skin.

This multi-tasking silky serum increases your skin’s moisture levels and helps to activate your skin’s natural defences as well as creating an airborne and contact bacterial shield to protect compromised dehydrated skin and prevent breakouts.”

02. Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Facial // £46

“The essence of a Skinesis facial in a bottle, this famed multi-award winning power potion combines concentrated cosmeceutical actives and exotic essential oils to leave skin plump, dewy and rejuvenated.

This silky elixir firms, boosts collagen production, enhances radiance and prolongs cell life while you sleep. This sophisticated serum-oil has an easily absorbed silky cashmere texture which leaves skin soft, smooth and plump by morning.”

03. Oskia Restoration Oil // £60

“Hydrating, rebalancing and radiance-boosting, Oskia’s delectable Restoration Oil stars a delicate blend of nutrients, floral oils and extracts to replenish skin’s youthful vitality. With African Amcella and Alaria Esculenta Algae to help promote firmness and suppleness; Crithmum Matrimum, Sea Fennel and Lupin Seed to stimulate collagen synthesis; Heart Seed Vine and Echium – omega-rich plant and flower oils – to help soothe inflammation and alleviate discomfort; Rice Bran Oil to protect against attack from environmental aggressors; Turmeric to help unify uneven skin tone and restore radiance, and a cocktail of Starflower, Sunflower Seed and Evening Primrose oils to gradually strengthen and improve elasticity (phew!), your skin will soon glow with renewed health and vibrancy.”

04. Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment // £85

“A multi-purpose treatment, Good Genes works hard to un-do the damage caused by sunlight, acne, pollution & less-than-healthy lifestyle choices! The potent blend of ingredients combine to plump fine lines, fight hyper-pigmentation, heal scar tissue & boost circulation so skin looks smoother, younger & more vibrant. It can be used daily to give your complexion a moisture & radiance boost, or applied as a treatment mask to increase circulation & get skin glowing ahead of a special occasion.”

05. Sunday Riley Juno Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil // £98

“Juno Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil rejuvenates dull, lack-lustre complexions and delivers an intense radiance boost to leave skin looking luminous. With an exhaustive list of nourishing oils, it absorbs quickly to hydrate, whilst balancing sebum production for a healthy, dewy glow. Vitamin C, Essential Amino Acids and Omega-3, 6 & 9 together with natural UV shields and anti-inflammatory agents make this glorious oil-non-oil a potent, replenishing potion that restores tired skin to its velvety best.”

“If your skin is feeling tender thanks to sunburn, microdermabrasion, rosacea or couperose (redness on the nose and cheekbones), MV Organic Skincare's booster will calm it right down. The luxurious blend of high quality essential oils (including Rosehip and Jojoba) is amazingly soothing and strengthening - Rosehip in particular is known for increasing skin's healing time and has been used in the treatment of burns and following radiation treatment. Plus this brilliant booster smells divine!”

I’m thinking more along the lines of the Sunday Riley Good Genes Serum but I really do want to try out the Sarah Chapman line as everyone is raving about how great her skin care is. There are so many choices; it’s hard to decide which is the right one (or ones) for me! I don’t want to spend invest a lot of money in a product that doesn’t work with my skin.

Decisions, decisions…I need some help! Which one would you go for?!

Ps. Don’t even get me started on eye creams and serums, I shall leave that for another post!


  1. My skin has been exactly the same and my makeup just doesn't look right on my skin! I would love to invest in a good serum, but just cannot justify spending that amount of money on such a small product! xx

    Abi | abistreetx.blogspot.co.uk


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