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Saturday, 31 January 2015

Slipknot // Prepare for Hell Tour & London

It usually surprises people when I tell them that I love to listen to heavy metal, I’m not sure why… I think its maybe because I don’t dress like I like that type of music?! But never judge a book by its cover people! This past Friday me and some friends trekked it to London Wembley Arena for the Slipknot Prepare For Hell Tour gig (with special guests Korn!!!). I was massively excited for this gig! I was able to get O2 priority tickets (standing, obvs!) – I hear the standing tickets for this show sold out in like 6 minutes, corr!

The gig was incredible! They have a new album out The Grey Chapter and of course played some songs from that but also played some of their older better known songs – Slipknot got the mix of their old and new material spot on!! The atmosphere was electric and hands down this gig was one of the best I’ve been to (side note, Rammstien takes the number 1 spot!). I had the best time! I’ve only ever seen Slipknot at Download festivals (yes, I love me a metal festival and have been to, I think, about 4 of them!) so to see them at their own gig – and especially to have Korn playing too – was just crazy!

I think Korn are kick-starting a tour of their own soon and after seeing them live at the Slipknot gig, I will definitely be up for going to that as well!

Corey Taylor (the lead singer of Slipknot and of Stone Sour for those of you that don’t know) was such a babe and at the end of the gig thanked everyone for coming out and supporting them and the other acts of the night.

If you love Slipknot like I do and ever get the chance to see them live, go!

We were staying in London after the gig as the boyfs sister lives there – we were supposed to be having a day out in London on the Saturday and Sunday but I came down with a stomach bug (boo!) so we had to leave early – but not before I managed to get in a trip to Victoria secret! Here’s a few photos from the gig and some I managed to take from our time in London…

When we got to Waterloo we were pretty hungry so stopped off at The Beer House, if you're ever at Waterloo Station and get the munchies, I recommend going there!

We were staying with the boy's sister for the weekend so decided to get a bus back to hers to and saw some pretty sights on the way... we actually went over Waterloo Bridge.

The next morning the boyf's sister took us to this little hidden gem for breakfast, I'm not gunna lie, I had a pretty damn good breakfast! I got the american pancakes... obvs! I think the place is called Pivas.

Hope all you lovelies are having a great weekend!... I'm spending most of mine trying to take my beast of a second assignment ugh! xo

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