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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Fair Drops Mascara // Review

There has been soo much hype around the Fairy Drops Mascara that I just had to buy it and try it out for myself! I picked up the waterproof one and daymn was it hard to get my hands on, this baby has been sold out everywhere!

I’m not quite sure what the mascara claims to do as the packaging is in Japanese, but judging by the “pea in a pod” shaped wand and the pictures on the box, I’m guessing it’s supposed to give your lashes lots and lots of va va voom!...

I’m sad to say this product, for me at least, does not live up to the hype! *insert major sad face! There seems to be lots of fibres in the mascara - obvs for lengthening the lashes - It’s a great idea and it really does lengthen my lashes, but my eyes are quite sensitive and as a contact lens wearer anything with fibres in is pretty much a no no. When I wear this mascara it can sometimes feel like I have something poking me straight in the eye ball, which then makes one or both of them water which is not the look I was going for!

This mascara doesn’t really thicken my lashes either, no matter how many coats I put on! I also find when I apply the mascara the product gets all over my lids, which is TRES ANNOYING and makes me want to give up! This mascara is also a real bitch to get off, especially after you've worked up a few coats let me tell ya!Now I know it’s a waterproof mascara and yes they usually are a bit tricky to get off, but this one will not let go of my lashes and I end up spending a ton of time just trying to get it off! - Thank the lawd for oil based cleansers! I just can’t be bothered with that!

I was going to insert a picture of my lashes with and without the mascara but I honestly didn’t see the point. I think I actually prefer Benefit’s Roller Lash mascara …I did a review of the Roller Lash Mascara saying that I didn’t really like it, well after trying this mascara I may have to eat my words take that review back!

I’m really disappointed that for me this mascara hasn’t lived up to all the hype surrounding it. Everyone’s lashes are different and what doesn’t work on one might work wonders on someone else. Personally I wouldn’t recommend this product and I do regret spending £18ish on a mascara that doesn’t work for me. I know Fairy Drops have a non-waterproof version, maybe that will work better for me but to be honest, I would rather spend my money on a brand I know that works!

Sorry guys, this product gets a thumbs down from me xo


  1. What a shame this didn't work out for you! I'm still quite tempted to give it a go though as my eyes aren't really sensitive so I think it would be fine on me!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  2. Too bad this product wasn't good for you, I'll take your advice. Thanks for the review.


  3. Shame you didn't like it! I know what you mean about fibres, there's nothing worse than a mascara that irritates your eyes. Great review



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