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Monday, 20 April 2015

London // Mini Photo Diary

Oh London, I love you! If you follow me on instagram (if you don't, you should fyi lol) you might have know that the week me and one of my bestests took a lil trip to the big smoke. It was a spare of the moment thing, the train tickets were cheap and we found a great online deal for a hotel room for the night, so thought why the hell not have a mini holiday in London!

We didn’t really have any plans on what we were going to do or see (other than visit Victoria Secret, standard!). We stayed at the Z Hotel in Shoreditch, the staff were friendly, it was easy to find and the rooms were pretty good! I’d recommend it! For our first day/night in London we ended up having a wonder, lunching and visiting secret bars, it was a pretty great night and at a couple of moments very surreal!

Sparkling Princess Cocktails at a bar in Bank before we found our hotel
Cocktails in freezer bags??
We pretty much destroyed the hotel room as soon as we got there!
We went to The Breakfast Club to see the mayor...
...The Mayor Of Scardy Cat Town! Who knew there was a secret bar beneath The Breakfast Club?!
The cocktails were pretty great! I had a peanut butter cocktail... it was weirdly tasty!
We then ended up at The Old Suit Company - We walked through a small back door, down some stairs and behind a curtain was this little hidden gem! I think this place is on Brick Lane. 
We then got pretty hungry and need up walking past this joint, of course we had to go in!
And I am soo glad we did, it was cereal heaven! I had Reeses Puffs with almond milk and peanut butter chips... it was seriously good!!

We did go to a few bars after the Cereal Killer Cafe, but after a few drinks, i kinda forgot about my camera!
Our last day in London was spent hitting the pavements pretty hard for shopping, eating cake and drinking champers! It was a pretty great girly day. We found ourselves in Covent Garden… mainly because I wanted to visit the Laduree shop! But we walked in to the little Burberry shop there. I would TOTALLY recommend visiting! The staff are so incredibly lovely! I only went in there to purchase “that” pale barley eye shadow and we ended up staying there for a good half hour or so and walked out with our purses a little lighter!

Bills for breakfast was the best choice!
If you get a chance to go to the Burberry store in London, go! The ladies are so lovely! You can even get manicures in there! Who knew?! I'm totally going back the next time I'm in London!
Of course we couldn't hit up Covent Garden and not go to the Chanel store!...
Or the Laduree Store for macaroons!
We needed to keep our strength up, so of course had to stop for champagne & desserts at the BB Bakery in Covent Garden!
Cheers from me to you!
Its safe to say that I was feeling pretty spendy in London and practically spent most of my wage packet! - Haul to come soon!

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  1. seems like you had lots of fun! I am looking forward to see your haul :)



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