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Saturday, 9 May 2015

April Favourites

It’s crazy how fast this year is flying by! I know everyone says it, but I can’t believe we’re almost half way through the year!

Life has kinda gotten in the way recently and I seem to have neglected my little corner of the internet, I was getting better with posting regularly but last month just sort of slipped. So this month is a fresh start! I have my list of posts that I want to churn out with (hopefully) some great content. One of my favourite things to read are monthly favourite posts, so first post on my “blog to-do list” is April Favourites!...

01.   Hydraluron (Indeed Labs) // I noticed last month that the dehydration levels in my skin cranked up a notch and it got to the point where my skin was so dry that foundation just looked like a flaky mess on my face! I needed to dial up the hydration levels in my skin BIG TIME and so I turned back to Hydraluron. This serum is my little skin miracle and tbh I can’t see me getting rid of this step in my skin care ever again! I've noticed a big difference in my skin since using this, its hydrated, plumped and just generally loving life again!

02.   Pepta-Bright (Indeed Labs) // I'm having a proper Indeed Labs moment right now and I'm not even sorry! Since my skin has been mega dehydrated I've also notice that its been looking quite dull and blah, it needed some oomph put back in to it! I also had a few little spots cropping up, I think mainly due to stress and bad eating habbits! So I needed something to tackle ALL THAT! This little beaut really stepped up to the mark - It not only adds another boost of hydration but has tackled the dullness of my skin and is also helping with the redness caused by the dreaded spotties that have cropped up... I'm lucky enough not to get many spots *touches wood a trillion times!!!* but when I do, I like to deal with that situation as fast as I can! I also have a little bit of redness/pigmentation on my cheeks - I've noticed that Peta-Bright is helping to tackle that too! Winner!

03.   First Aid Beauty (FAB) Facial Radiance Pads // Ok, so you know I said that my skin was so dry that my foundation looked like a flaky mess - well, I needed something to deal with that! I didn't want a face scrub as word on the skincare grapevine is that they're pretty bad for your skin. I wanted something that would get rid of all the dead flaky (yack) skin without it being too harsh - I also needed something suitable for sensitive skin! I can hands down say that these have worked wonders! They have just the right amount of acids in them and since using these the flaky skin mess on my face has all but disappeared and my makeup is once again looking how I want it to!

04.   Dr Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Moisturiser // Yep, even more skincare! I needed a new moisturiser and fancied something more natural. I was having a look at the skincare on the Holland & Barrett website and found this Moroccan Argan oil night-time moisturiser – I’ve heard that Moroccan Oil is supposed to be super hydrating and I can totally vouch for that after using this! I know it’s a night-time moisturiser but I use this morning and night. I will say that it smells a little funky but you can pretty much understand everything on the ingredients list and best of all is hasn’t affected my skin! It’s not broken me out, turned me a horrifying shade of beetroot, nothing! It’s probably one of the best moisturisers I’ve used! A little goes a long way with this too so I know it will last me for-ever!

05.   Burberry Lip Glow in No. 09 Nude Beige // I’m usually more of a mat lip kinda gal – especially with the British weather, it’s always windy and hair stuck to your lips is just not a good look. But since having this put on my in the Burberry store in Covent Garden, I just can’t stop wearing it! It truly is my perfect nude lipgloss! It’s not sticky, it smells (and tastes) nice on the lips and I love it over the top of my Charlotte Tilburry Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk!

06.   ASOS Tortoise Shell Sunglasses // We’ve finally had some sunny weather lately in the UK and when the sun is out, these sunnies are what I’ve been reaching for! Move over ray-bay wayferers, mumas got a new pair of faves – these! I love the tortoise shell pattern and the touch of metal over the nose bit, they’re just so different. I also love how chunky they are and the purple tint to the lenses. They’re the perfect size for my face and I think these would suit just about everyone!

07.   ASOS necklace // I like to think of this as my lucky necklace, every time I wear this I just seem to have the BEST day! Which makes me want to wear it EVERYDAY! I love the different layers and how boho/hippy it looks – It wasn’t too pricey either and looks like it should have come from Urban Outfitters – I love the UB style! I have to be careful though as it is quite delicate. I’m so worried that I might get the longer bit of the necklace caught that I think I'm going to have to buy another as a backup necklace!

08.   Pandora rings // I'm not a great jewellery wearer but I love my Pandora rings, I love how classic and simple the designs are.  They all mean something to me and I love that! Plus what girl doesn't like Pandora right?!

Corr, sorry about the HUGE ramble, you can tell I've not written a post in a while! Anyway, lets make this month great! :) xo

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  1. That lipgloss is such a lovely shade! Absolutely adore your sunglasses too. Lovely photos!



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