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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Dream Catcher

I've been a bit obsessed with pretty much anything resembling the 90s lately and came across this GAWGUS dream catcher on the Urban Outfitters website! When I saw it on the UO website I new I NEEDED it, it instantly went in my online basket and a couple of days later the postman was dropping it! *insert excited emoji! I just had to share this beauty with the world (aka. on my little space of the interwebs).  Isn't she pretty?  I love the dip dye feathers and the almost Slipknot look of the big circle bit (I have no idea what that bit is called!).

Its hand made so the feathers will differ on each dream catcher, I have a couple of dodgy looking feathers on mine, but I think it gives it a bit of charter so I don't really mind too much!

To be honest theres not really too much else I can say about this other than I love it! That, and the fact I love having it hanging up in my bedroom!... I feel so tumblr with a dreamcatcher in my room, all I need now is a shit tone of fairy lights (check!) & a Starbucks (I could majorly do with a coffee right now!) #lolz!

Hope all you lovelies are having a great weekend... Today is the perfect lazy day with the boyf, we're currently vegging out with junk food and junk tv! I SO don't want it to be Monday tomorrow! xo

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