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Saturday, 20 June 2015

Electric Cinema // Shorditch

If you read my last post (London Photo Diary // June 2015) you would have known that I took the boyfriend to the Electric Cinema in Shoreditch for his birthday. I was going to take him to the Electric Cinema in Portobello, but we were staying closer to Shoreditch, so the cinema in Shoreditch was the “only logical” choice (hello cheesy star trek reference haha!).

So tickets for the Electric Cinema are pretty pricy(ish) - £18 per ticket (for an arm chair) – but I would totally pay that price again! It had to have been one of the best cinema experiences I’ve ever had!

The Electric Cinema in Shoreditch literally has everything under one roof. It has a bar/restaurant, a barbers, a beauty parlour where you can get your hair and nails all did, you can buy home pieces in there, chill on one of the sofas with a coffee, you name it, you can probably buy/do it here.

We got to the electric cinema a little early as we wanted to have dinner and a few cocktails before the movie.

At first we sat at the bar… they do themed cocktails! Yep, that’s right, me and the boyfriend started off the evening with a couple of “Clever Girl” cocktails!!! It would have been rude not to right? FYI they were scrumptious!

We then moved to one of the tables and had some dinner. The menu isn’t big, but the food choices are delicious! I went for the Beef Brisket, Pickled Red Cabbage and Gerkins on toast – sounds weird, tasted incredible! And the boyf went for a grilled cheese sandwich.

The actual cinema itself looked so fancy! We ordered a few things off the menu to take in with us – I had the bacon and maple syrup popcorn and the boyf had warm pittas with hummas. We of course had to take in a few drinks – I couldn’t not take in a glass of Prosecco (or two, plus another clever girl cocktail) with me!

The chairs were so comfy, I love how you feel like you have your own space – no sharing the arm rests! You also get your own cashmere blanket to really make yourself comfortable…take your shoes off, sit back and relax – I could have quite easily stayed there the whole night!

I would definitely recommend going the Electric Cinema in Shoreditch, it’s something different from just your average cinema experience! The staff are lovely, the food is incredible and it’s just so much fun!

Go check out their website!


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