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Monday, 15 June 2015

London Photo Diary // June 2015

This past weekend I met the boyf up in London, he was up their already because he was going to Star Wars Secret Cinema - so jealous! I met him on the Friday because I was taking him to see Jurassic World at the Electric Cinema in Shorditch for his birthday - which FYI, is AMAZING! I love seeing these photo diary type posts and I love looking back on the ones that I've done and remembering the fun times so heres another one...

Waterloo was in Jurassic World overdrive! I loved it!

When I arrived at Waterloo I was pretty hungry so me and the boyf headed to Southbank ...for hotdogs and drinks duh! It was the most expensive hotdog i've eaten, but by far one of the best!

We decided to walk from Waterloo in to central.  We couldn't not stop off at the Sherlock Holmes pub!

We had ice cream from the poshest ice cream stand EVER! The Ice cream was delicious!

After our little trek around London, we made it to the electric cinema.  I won't go in to too much detail because I'm going to do a separate post on my expense at the Electric Cinema Shortditch - so stayed tuned for that - although I will tell you, we had such a get time!!

By the time we'd finished the movie and got back to where we were staying, we were pretty pooped! We met the boyf's sister and her boyfriend, went out for a couple of drinks and then pretty much crashed!

The next morning we went to breakfast at Privas (the same place we went for breakfast the last time we were in London!) Breakfast was SO GOOD...we actually sat on the table next to Laura Marling! I didn't manage to get a sneaky picture - it would have been too obvious!

After possibly the BEST mocha in the world, me and the boyf headed to the Natural History Museum.  The boyfriend loves it there, its such a gorgeous building!

We had to do the dinosaur exhibit obvs!

After the Natural History museum we decided to head back to Waterloo... not by tube though, we walked! Yep, we trekked about 3 and a half miles! I know you probably think we're crazy, by the tubes were rammed and who like being stuck in those stuffy metal tubes anyway?  Despite the look in some the pictures it was a nice day, not too sunny but still really warm!

We strolled through the pretty streets of Kensington... I found like a trillion houses that I would love to call my home!

we stopped off at the Good Life Eatery - I was so excited when I spotted this joint! I've wanted to go here for ages, so i practically dragged the boyfriend in with me.  I, of course, had the Choc Norris Smoothie and the chocolate peanut butter cups! SO YUM!

We then walked passed Buckingham Palace and then on to Waterloo Station.

My feet are killing, my bank balance has taken a serious dent but I can honestly I've had the BEST time!  Hope all you lovelies had a great weekend too! xo

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