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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Beauty Haul // Feeling Spendy

I've not been feeling well lately and when I'm off work sick I find myself browsing the interwebs... well, the inevitable happened and I ended up feeling pretty spendy, so I dragged the boyf shopping last weekend!

First stop was the Body Shop, I’ve been after the Body Shop’s coconut body milk for ages, it smells incredible and it’s just so easy to apply! As it’s in a spray bottle, you just spritz a bit on and it sinks in right away, none of this waiting around or yanking your skinny jeans up to the point they almost rip because of you sticky balmy legs! Lol

I then decided to have a bit of a splurge on skin care! My skin has been getting drier and more dehydrated lately (even though I make sure I drink at least 3 litres of water a day!) and I noticed that my current moisturiser just wasn’t cutting it. So I found myself at the Clarins counter and after talking to the sales assistant she talked me in to buying the Hydraquench Cream with SPF 15 (added SPF bonus!). It smells heavenly, all Clarins products do, but I love the smell of this moisturiser. It doesn’t break me out, even with the fragrance, and I’ve noticed such a difference in my skin already, no more dryness!!

While I was there I decided that I needed some sun cream for my face – just in case we have anymore sunny days and we decide to head off to the beach - although looking at the weather right now, maybe I was a bit hasty with the this purchase. I haven’t tried it out yet, but I picked up the “Sun Wrinkle Control Cream” in factor 50!

The Origins counter was right next door so it would have been very rude of me not to stop off there too, plus I’m almost out of my all-time favourite mask, the Origins Overnight Drink Up intensive mask, you know the one! I decided to treat myself to the full size of this! It smells incredible and my skin loves it, I’m pretty sure every girl/woman whose in to their skin care loves this mask!

I then decided that I wanted some Bumble & Bumble in my life as my Sunday Shampoo is on its way out – unfortunately, I couldn’t find this, I think they were out of stock, but I WAS NOT coming away empty handed so picked up the Bumble and Bumble Blow Dry Straight – I’ve used this before and it’s is a life saver for anyone with wavy, kinky hair. Its super good to use when you have a fringe and your hair is naturally wavey and you don’t want your fringe sticking out all over the place! It’s also a heat protectant too!

I'd say that's a pretty decent haul there - will keep you posted on the Clarins sun cream when I get a chance to use it!

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  1. Ah, how I do love myself a mask.

    Great spendy spends! I actually have that Body Shop product but I've lost it! :(((

    And 3 litres a day! That's really good! I need to try and drink 2L !



  2. You got so many nice things! The BB straight blow dry is something I bought on a whim last year and it has lasted me all this time and I love it!

    Georgia | The Weekend Attic - Personal Style, Beauty and Lifestyle


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