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Sunday, 5 July 2015

Whats In My Bag // Mini Edition

I used to be one of those girls that would always have the biggest bag and would literally be carrying everything with me, including the kitchen sink - I mean, I still kinda do when I'm going to work in the week - but on weekends or days out, I'm now in to smaller (mini, if you will) bags.

My current mini bag of choice is this one from Primark... it was £4, bargain!! Fancy having a nosy at what I can fit in this thing?...

01.   Keys // I have far too many keyrings!

02.   Purse // Cards, change, you know the drill.  The purse is from Topshop and was a gift from the boyf a few years ago.

03.  Clarins Lip Oil // I always carry around some sort of lip balm, this is my current favourite - FYI its so good! (You can read my review here).

04.   Ear phones // these are just the generic ones you get with your phone, they're actually not too bad!

05.  Hair pins // You never know when you'll need to put your hair up or sort out your "do", these are in every bag I own!

06.   Sunglasses // You never know when the suns going to come out in the UK! I love this pair, I picked them up from Asos (check them out here).

07.   Phone // duh! This is my right arm and i never go anywhere without it.  The case is from Accessorise.

08.  The "Touch Ups" // I like to keep a little bag of makeup goodies in case I need to touch up my makeup throughout the day or if i didn't have time to put makeup on before I left the house. The Bobbi Brown Corrector also has a tiny mirror - that is one makeup product that I wouldn't leave the house without!

09.  Spritz // I like to carry some sort of body spritz with me, my current one is one from Soap & Glory.

This bag is my Mary Poppins bag! I'm surprised just how much I can fit in it! Hope all you lovelies out there are having a great weekend! xo



  1. i love this type of post as i am so nosey !!! hehe! me too I have the same Soap&glory body spray and it is always in my bag !


  2. I love your bag, looks adorable.
    Also the phone case is so pretty.

    Golden chapter

  3. So simple and gorgeous bag.


  4. I love this bag, when i saw this i did not think it was Primark and i thought it would be way more expensive than £4! Also i have the same Iphone case from SkinnyDip its so cool! I really like your blog :)



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