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Friday, 4 September 2015

August Non-Beauty Favourites

I thought I would split my August favourites up a bit and do a Beauty Favourites post and a Non-Beauty Favourites post... I don't have too many non-beauty favourites but if I had squished everything in to one post, it would have been waay too long!

First non-beauty love has to be Pinterest! I scrawl through it pretty much every day/every hour/whenever I get a chance! If you wanna check out my Pinterest feed, head on over to my side bar, theres a link >>>

Next, I've been OB-sessed with Peach and Mango Coconut Water and Edamame Beans! I don't really like coconut water on its own but with the Mango and Peach, it tastes SO GOOD! I buy both the coconut water and the edamame beans from Boots (of all places) pretty much on a daily basis throughout the week when I'm at work and have to buy extras on a Friday so I can have them over the weekend... yes, I'm that sad!

I got a new phone case this month and I LOVE it! I don't think I will ever stop loving Disney! For those of you wondering where I got it from - eBay! If you want the link to the seller, just let me know!

My last non-beauty favourite has to be True Blood (& my Pop Vinyl figures).  I've got totally bak in to True Blood lately and I'm completely obsessed with it again! Oh Eric Northman, No Alcide, No Eric... I can't decide lol! xo

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