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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Michael Kors // Mini Selma

You know when you go shopping and you think, what could make this day even better?... I decided that it would be a new Michael Kors bag! Isn't she a beauty?!

I already have one of the large Selma Totes (you can see that here) but I wanted something smaller to take out in the evenings and of course black goes with everything so it was a win win situation when I found this little baby.

It's pretty small, there's no way you could fit a full on purse in this thing, but it has a little card holder inside to put things like that in which is perfect, it also means you can't stuff your bag full of "just in case" things/the kitchen sink which I'm always guilty of doing...although not now!

This bag looks so classic and chic, it literally goes with every single outfit I own! I always get complements on it when I take it out with me. I love the clean lines, the hard structured leather and the gold hardware.  The strap is also long enough to wear it cross body, which is great!... I'd definitely recommend investing in a MK baby of your own! xo


  1. It's so gorgeous, such a classic design. I would have chosen black too! And those pandora ring, so pretty!


  2. Love this! It's such an ideal little size, i'm so bad for taking half the house with me in my handbag so something like this would be great for me.

    Sophs x


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