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Saturday, 19 September 2015

The Adventure Begins

My work life has been kinda crappy lately, but I had a little epiphany in the gym this morning (yes, I was in the gym on a Saturday morning, I can't quite believe it myself either!) – I’m the only one that can change this! So I’ve decided the fist thing I need to do is to bring some positive energy in to my work space!

My current work space in my office is so blah! I haven’t really put a personal stamp on it yet and over the weekend I decided that this needs to change. I’ve been scrawling through Pinterest looking for office-inspo and made a cheeky little purchase in Urban Outfitters.

I realised that I didn’t have a work mug, so I picked up this cute little one. Perfect for sipping my Cherry Bakewell Green Tea from in the afternoons (sounds weird, tastes amazing)! I also spotted this marble effect notebook – it was marble, I’m a blogger, the 2 go hand in hand really.

Im feeling like a marble, white, mint and gold theme - obviously I'm not allowed to paint my desk or the walls or anything like that, but I want to bring in accessories with those sorts of colours.  I've been scrawling through the internet and found some little gems...

The marble plates are from H & M // I have so many random bits and pieces on my desk at work, I thought the bigger marble plate would be great for keeping all things in one place.

The clear and gold pen pot and stapler are from Kate Spade // so chic right?! Why wouldn't I want these pieces on my desk!

The pencils, scissors and prints are from Etsy // I though bringing in prints to put up in my work space would give me something pretty to look at rather than just my notes and random bits of paper & also make my workspace feel more personal.

The journal is from Urban Outfitters // I'm OBSESSED with mint green at the moment, this daily journal needs to be mine!

I feel a stationary/office accessories splurge coming on!... Hope all you lovelies are having a great weekend! xo

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  1. I love the mug - so many pretty things!

    Lucy | www.foreverseptemberr.blogspot.co.uk


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