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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Instagram // Who To Follow

C'mon now, I know you scrawl through Instagram first thing when you wake up just like I do! *insert winky face emoji. Let's face it, the majority of us, me included in this btw, are completely and hopelessly addicted to Instagram. It's like looking through a window at someone else's life, you get to be openly nosy! 

I've seen these sorts of posts before and I love discovering new Instagram accounts to follow, so thought I would show you guys the accounts that are constantly on my "Top People" list...


She has amazing style, tattoos and taste in jewellery. She also adventures in the coolest places! Can I just be her please?! She also has an online shop, filled with awesome clothes, obvs! You should totally check it out... www.hallowsociety.com - I want ALL the t-shirts!

Pretty Little Fawn

Her Instagram feed is almost an ode to the 70's. I love her style and the pictures she posts of her home, it's so Urban Outfitters, which is actually how I found her Instagram. I love scrawling through the UOHome hashtag - which is where I found one of her posts, the follow button was instantly hit… She also has a blog... www.prettylittlefawn.com

From Roses XO

I discovered her blog first (www.fromroses.co.uk) which is just as gorgeous as her Instagram feed btw!  You should defiantly check them both out. Her Insta posts are so clean and white (which is an odd way of describing them I know, but her style in pictures pleases me!), and from reading her blog, I can tell you she has great taste in makeup and skin care!

Kate La Vie

Her taste in stationary, skincare and home wear is "on point"! She has an amazing beauty blog (www.katelavie.com) and an online magazine/blog/shop called Nouvelle Daily which I'm sure you've heard of! and can I just say, her photography skills, are crazy good aren't they?!...I highly suggest you check out her Instagram and both her blogs! I want everything in her online shop too btw!

One last thing before I sign off from this post - If you fancy following my Instagram, you can find it in the side bar (just over there) >> (or the link is here Hayl5t0rm) xo

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