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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

New Tom Ford Love // Velvet Cherry

If you read this blog on the reg you know I love 2 things, nude lipsticks and Tom Ford - put these two puppies together and you have my dream! Well, hold the phone, I'm going to be talking about a lipstick that isn't nude, yep, she's a beautiful shade of deep deep red... and I love her! I think this shade has single handedly put the nude shades on the back burner (at least for a little while)!

I was one lucky gal and got this beauty for christmas from the boyfriend - I totally picked this out though, he would have no idea where to start otherwise!

This lipstick is everything! It has the gorgeous smell that every TF lipstick has, its buttery soft (even for a mat lipstick), applies like a dream and is of course super pigmented, you really don't need to keep layering this to get the full colour effect, one swipe and your done - which is what you would expect from a lipstick of this price! Also, this baby lasts i'm telling you! I put this on then ate a christmas dinner and had drinks and it was still on my lips! The lasting power of this lipstick is incredible.

This shade would hands down suit any skin tone! I'm super pale, especially in the winter, so some dark lipsticks can really wash me out and make me look even paler and basically ill/dead - this one didn't do that, hallelujah !  If this lipstick can suit me, it can suit any of y'all! I know the price of these lipsticks are totally and completely outrageous, which is why I usually only get them for birthdays and christmas gifts, but, gun to my head, I would choose these lipsticks over all my others... and come on now, who doesn't want something as stunning as a TF lipstick on their vanity?? xo

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