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Monday, 25 January 2016

Where to Start With Jo Malone

When you walk up to a Jo Malone counter you're greeted with perfect displays of all their perfumes and candles sitting there in beautifully chic packaging…which is great, but it can be a little intimidating, right?
I was tempted to start with a candle as my first Jo Malone purchase, but after talking to one of the sales assistants, she told me to start with a fragrance, with their fragrances you get "more bang for your buck" as they say!

For me personally, I already had a couple of scents in mind, many of the beauty bloggers/youtubers that I follow have very similar tastes to me and I noticed that quite a few of them were going for either Peony and Blush Suede or Wood Sage and Sea Salt. I knew these were the main contenders that I wanted to have a whiff of so I started with these!

Jo Malone usually have all their fragrances on display for you to test when you walk in. The fragrances are also separated in to sections like "fruity" "floral" and so on. You can also get an idea of what a fragrance will smell like by looking at their names and they're pretty accurate!

For my first EVER Jo Malone fragrance I decided to go for Wood Sage and Sea Salt. It’s quite a light, woody unisex scent, not too sweet, not too floral. I'm so pleased I picked this one, every time I wear this I always get at least one compliment, which is quite nice. I also went for the smaller bottle, at £42 for 30ml Jo Malone aren't the cheapest of fragrances - I didn’t want to fork out for one of their huge bottles straight away, I just wasn't quite ready to make that kind of a commitment to a perfume! 

If your new to Jo Malone, or can't get to a Jo Malone counter and have to order it online, I would definitely recommend starting with Wood Sage and Sea Slat, or if you want a more feminine and slightly more floral scent, then I'd go with Peony and Blush Suede (a friend of mine at work wears this and makes the office smell gorgeous every time she puts it on!).  Hope this helps anyone a bit stuck on what to go for!

Side Note:  I think my next Jo Malone purchase will be the Mimosa and Cardamon perfume, its a deeper darker scent than I'm used to, this is one that you really do need to smell first as I can imagine it could be quite hit and miss for some people (sort of like the Tom Ford scents) but I smelt a sample of it and fell a little bit in love!


  1. I am soooo desperate to try one of these! Heard so many great things, I think I would of gone for this one too sounds very interesting! x


    1. It really is lovely! I'd definitely recommend starting with this one! xo

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