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Saturday, 5 March 2016

February Favourites // 2016

Another month bites the dust and so we're already in March! This year really is flying by! I've actually got some new things to talk about in this month favourites post, I did a little payday haul at the start of February (you can see what I got here) and a fair few of them feature in this months faves!...

01.   Pixi Milky Hydrating Mist // I've dedicated a whole post to this product (you can find that here).  Its beautiful! Its great if you want that little (non-alcoholic) afternoon pick me up! It gives my skin an instant hit of Hydration, which makes it perfect for us gals (and guys) that work in offices where the air-con is skin life-suckingly bad! (Its not in the main picture though as I left it at work, typical!)

02.   UD Naked Skin Concealer // I'm a total concealer addict and I heard so many people bang on about this concealer in their 2015 favourites I just had to try it for myself! Well, for under eye concealer, I've used better, but I really like this for concealing the rest of my face.  I don't really wear a lot of foundation and tend to go for more of a light coverage - this is perfect for that and as its got quite yellow undertones so it covers any patches on my face really well!

03.   Zara Perfume - Dancing Vanilla // I have massive love for Zara perfumes at the moment and think they're totally underrated! My current favourite is dancing vanilla - it smells gorgeous as you can imagine a vanilla fragrance would and I always get compliments when I wear it.  Zara perfumes also come in roller ball form, I've always got one with me!

04.   Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence //  I use heat on my hair after every time I wash it, so I need some pretty heavy duty heat defence and this gives me just that! I've been using it the past week and so far my hair is definitely looking at lot less damaged!

05.   Philip Kingsley Elasticizer // This is another one of those cult products that everyone raves about - and now I'm one of them. I've been using this about once a week, just throughout the ends of my hair and I've really noticed a difference in the texture. I love a hair mask, just as much as a face mask, and this is definitely now a firm fave - Keep your eyes peeled for a post about these 2 Philip Kingsley beauties I mention.

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend! xo

Side rant:  I signed up to Audible.com and got a 1 month free subscription. I cancelled my subscription in October last year before the free trial was up.  I spied on my bank statement today that they've actually still been charging me! Luckily for me I had the subscription cancellation email from last October - I will say though, their customer service is spot on and they're going to be giving me a refund. Just something to keep your eye out for if you to have signed up to Audible! xo



  1. I'm a big concealer fan as well and usually just use that on a daily basis instead of foundation - I really must try the UD one!

    Lucy | Forever September

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