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Sunday, 13 March 2016

Philip Kinsley // My Favourite Hair Duo

I'm gunna start off with a little back story about my hair... Its very long, dry and fine, especially the ends of my hair and recently I'd noticed that the longer lengths of my hair were looking a bit sparse and weren't as thick and full looking as they had been.  I needed to sort my hair out pronto!

I'd been doing some research on the different hair care products out there and the name Philip Kingsley kept coming up.  I had a look at the Philip Kingsley lineup and settled on these 2 babes (I actually picked these up in a little pay day haul the other month - you can see that post here).

The Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence is darn pretty great.  Its an anti-breakage, heat protecting conditioning spray (suitable for all hair types) and it's exactly what my hair needed.  I hold my hands up and admit that I do use a lot of heat on my hair like blowdrying and straightening, which is super bad for the hair I know, but since using this before blasting my hair with heat it really has made an actual difference to my hair!

When I use this, I spray this shit like all over! I've really noticed difference in the texture of my hair, its defiantly a lot less dry and frazzled looking! - on the website this claims to protect against daily environmental wear, such as UV rays and heated styling aids, but also instantly boosts your hair’s overall condition, manageability and shine - and it really does! Especially when used with the next product too...

I really wasn't expecting much from the the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer, I knew everyone banged on about it but I was like "its just a hair mask isn't it?"... oh how wrong I was! The texture of this product is like a cream, like a moisturiser for your hair basically, thats how the product kinda feels to me.

I use this in a couple different ways - yes, I use it as a hair mask, I put this on my hair and leave it over night, or I put it on in the morning for a bit before I wash my hair, and it really has helped improve the condition of my hair, BUT I also pop just a pea sized amount through the very ends of my hair while its still damp before I blow-dry and straighten. It's since I've been doing this that I've noticed a real difference in the ends of my hair.  They're looking a lot less straggly and I swear my spit ends are just disappearing, I know they can't really disappear until you cut them off but my hair looks so much less damaged, it feels softer and, I can't quite believe it,  but thicker!

I will say that when I do this it does make the very ends of hair feel a little bit, not greasy, but like theres product in it. But once you finish blowdrying, the mask sinks into the hair and that greasy feeling disappears - I swear, this has really changed my hair, I just can't get over how much thicker and softer my hair looks and feels  - It looked so sparse before and I thought I was going to have to cut it all off, well, not now!!! - Side note: I didn't notice and instant instant change, it has taken a good few weeks, miracles don't happen overnight you know!

If you have long, dry and very fine hair like me, go and buy these, you need them... and you can thank me later!

Hope you're all having great weekend! xo

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