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Sunday, 15 May 2016

My Newest Tattoo

If you read my "30 Facts About Me Post" then you'll probably already know that I have a pretty decent collection of tattoos. I hadn’t been tattooed in ages and was forever banging on about getting my lower shins tattooed so I though this pay day I'm just going to put my money where my mouth is and do something about it!

I wanted geometrical type flowers on each of my lower shins; I wanted them to be different on each shin and original so I spoke to my tattooist before booking to make sure that was something he would be able to do. Side Note: My preference when it comes to tattoo styles is pretty traditional with with tick outlines and a darker shade pallet. 

So about a week ago now I got this baby done. I wasn’t man enough (and didn’t really have the funds) to get both shins completed in one session so for now I just have my right shin tattooed. I love her!... I'm booked in at the end of the month to get my other shin tattooed though eeep!

A lot of people we're like "ooo isn't it going to hurt on your shin, there's no meat there". Well getting any tattoo hurts and it really depends on the individual, I mean for me, when I got my back tattooed, I cried, whereas my boyfriend found his back to be fine.  For me personally, having my shins tattooed was really, easy! Obviously it was uncomfortable and still a bit painful but it was totally bearable! I was able to sit there have a chat, go on my phone, it was completely fine for me.  I think thats why Im so excited to get my next one done.  

I will just briefly mention that a day or 2 after having my tattoo done my ankle swelled up like a bitch! It wasn't painful or anything, I think it swelled up because my lower shin took a pretty good pounding for about 2 and a half hours. The swelling went down in a couple of days though... my tattoo has now gone through that itchy stage (its the worst!) and now its going through the dry stage, but its still looking beautiful!

For anyone wondering, I get tattooed at Sharp Practice in Salisbury and my Tattooist is Darren (you can find him on Instagram, his user name is @redbeard_tattooer).

If ya'll have any questions about tattoos, just leave me a comment below and I'll answer them as best I can.  I'm thinking about doing a post about all my tattoos and piercings, but I'm not sure. xo

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