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Saturday, 4 June 2016

May 2016 // Favourites

Ok so the first time this post went live, I didn't actually write any kind of intro... I blame that on being sick! I think I say this at the start of every favourites but this year is flying by.  I can't believe we're half way through they year already, its madness! Anyways, these are a few of things i've been loving this month...

01.   Too Faced HangoveR X Primer // I did a post raving all about this primer last week (you can read that here if you like) so is it any wonder why this is featuring in this month's favourites?... This is one banging primer and sometimes I use it even if I'm not wearing makeup, it's just a nice little skin treat/extra step on those days where my skin isn’t looking the best it can!

02.   NYX Lip Cream in Stockholm // Ok, so I've only just bought this, but I've worn it non-stop since I brought this little beauty home! It’s the perfect peachy pink nude shade and is just so soft and easy to wear on the lips. It's not drying at all and goes on with one coat! If you're not sure which of the NYX lip creams to pick up first, I would definitely recommend going for this one!

03.   La Roch Posay Effaclar Duo (+) // This is my little skin life saver! I don’t put this all over my face, just the areas where my pores are larger and get a bit clogged from time to time or wherever I have a little breakout. I had one of those really annoying under the skin spots that doesn’t come to the service, but festers and is quite painful. I popped some of this on it morning and night and after 2 or 3 days it disappeared! I won't be without this in my stash!!

04.   Still Convertible Colour in Gerbera // I know, I know, I'm MAJORLY late to the party on this one! But I've definitely joined the rave and now totally understand this little guy's cult status. I have been loving this this month. Cheeks and lips sorted in one go, it's just so easy! This has been in my makeup bag all month long and the mirror comes in handy too! The colour looks mega scary in the pan but it comes out quite a sheer peachy pink, and on my lips it’s the perfect my lips but better shade. I'm head over heels for this little guy right now!

05.   Prada Candy Perfume // I'm well aware that this featured in last months favourites, but I just can't stop wearing this perfume at the moment! Its such a beautiful sweet powdery scent...and how cute is the packaging?! You definitely need to give this a whiff if you can!

06. Palmolive Vanilla Body Butter Shower Cream // I know this is such a random product to put in a monthly favourites, I don't think I've featured a shower gel before, but we're just gunna go with it! You can pick this up in Superdrug, Tesco, Boots, pretty much anywhere...I picked this up for 90p from Tesco, yes, thats right, 90p! This smells INCREDIBLE!!! and It makes my skin feel so soft after using it. This is a total shower treat and you NEED it in your life, stop what you are doing and go and buy this right now!  I've picked up a few others from the new Palmolive range that I love but this one is my favourite favourite... did I mention this smells insanely incredible? Also, for you sensitive skin gals out there, I'm not allergic to this, so if its ok for me, it should be ok for you! :)

Hope all you lovelies are having a great weekend, live it for the both of us, because I'm currently sick in bed! Boo! xo

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