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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Mini Boots Haul

After my last "Debbie Downer" blog post, I now bring you a little "I need to pick myself up out of this funk" mini Boots haul.

Now I've been off work for about 3 weeks and spent some of that time in and out of hospital.  Its impossible to be off and not trawl through blog posts and youtube videos hearing all about the latest and prettiest beauty products that everyones loving - I just couldn't handle it anymore so thought I would pull myself out of my sicky post-op funk with a little Boots haul, I fancied trying some "drug store" products out that people seem to rave about and ones that I hadn't tried before...

01.  Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colour in Seduction (I think) // Who out there doesn't love a nude lip or a liquid lipstick right now?  Put the two together and I stumbled across this beauty - I saw the colour and instantly fell hard! There was one left on the self, I told myself it was meant to be.  Isn't she pretty?! I've not worn her much but she feels quite comfortable on the lips, it does take ages (and I mean ages) to dry down and even then, its still not completely matte but it seems to last a decent amount of time... and the colour is just too gorgeous to not wear it!

02.   NYX HD Studio Finishing Powder // I've been hearing so much about "baking" recently that I wanted to give it a try for myself. I spotted this particular powder on the SammieJeffcoate's Instagram page, I just love her style so thought I would probably like the beauty products she uses too - and I do! I've given this powder a go and its pretty great! After baking my face with this product my makeup lasted all day, it didn't budge, I couldn't believe it! I didn't even have to touch up my concealer and thats a first! There really is something to "baking" your makeup, I'm a total fan now!

03.   NYX Waterproof Extreme Shine Eye Liner in Brown Perfection // I'm loving the look of smoked out eyeliner and, just like baking, wanted to give it ago on me.  I swatched A LOT of brown eyeliners in Boots and this was the softest liner that still held its pigment when smudged out a bit.  It adds that little something to the eyes, like you've made effort, without actually making much effort and it also thickens out my lash line beautifully. I decided to go for the brown shade rather than a black because I wanted a softer look.

04.   Maybelline Dream BB Fresh Cream in Light // This was a total youtuber enabled purchase.  I was watching a drugstore makeup look and they used this as a base.  I'm a fan of a light base for the every day and haven't found a good BB cream with some actual coverage from the UK "drug store".  I picked this up and tried it out for the first time yesterday.  I actually really like it.  Its in no way full coverage but it just smooths and evens my complexion nicely, it doesn't look cakey, I'm not allergic to it and it doesn't break me out. I think I'm going to get a lot of use out of this!... oh, its also SPF 30, such a winner!

05.   Maybeline The Falsies Mascara in Black Waterproof // This is one of those mascaras that everyone an their mum has tried - except me it seems! It was buy one get one half price on Maybeline, I wanted to get that half price deal, spotted this so thought I would go for it. I always go for a waterproof mascara as most of them seem to smudge on me...I tried this one the other day and was pleasantly surprised, it did smudge and it holds the curl! It didn't really thicken my lashes though which was a bit blah, but its still an ok mascara!

Thank you to you lovelies that commented on my last post (you know who you are!) and hope ya'll are having a great week - it's currently 8pm, I'm already in my pjs and considering curling up in bed and falling asleep, no judging people! :) xo


  1. I definitely want to try the BB cream I hope I'm able to find it over here

    1. I'm sure Maybelline is pretty much available worldwide, but there's always Amazon! :) xo

  2. Love a good Boots haul - I love the look of the Revlon liquid lipstick, gorgeous colour!

    Lucy | Forever September

  3. Its definitely a "you're lips but better" shade - it almost reminds me of the NXY Lip Cream in Stockholm, but not as peachy xo

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