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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

The Halloween Outfit // Stranger Things

Yes, I'm going there... for Halloween this year I've decided (like many others out there I'm sure) to go as Eleven from Stranger things. Stranger Things is one of those CULT shows on Netflix that I really didn't want to like because everyone raved about it but it drew me in and I became instantly and completely OBSESSED! I mean c'mon, who doesn't love this show and wouldn't want to be a part of it (or pretend to be) in some small way?!

I found a few pieces to help get me lookin all Eleven and decided to share them in case any of you awesome lot out there fancy getting your Stranger Things Halloween costume on:-

01.   The dress – ASOS.com // Besides the wig and jacket, this is one of the pieces that needs to be looking spot on! I found this dress on the ASOS website; the colour is a pretty good match, it's so comfortable to wear and (although it doesn’t have the collar) is the best looking dress for this costume I've found! I mean you can get ones on Etsy, but man, I do not have like £80 something or more to spend on just a dress!! If you decide on this dress, it's quite oversized so I recommend sizing down!

02.   The Peter Pan Collar – Amazon.co.uk // The dress wouldn’t be complete without a peter pan collar, and since I couldn’t find a dress (within a reasonable price range) with a white peter pan collar, I decided that I would just add one to the dress myself. I found this on Amazon - you just slip it on under the dress, it's perfect.

03.   The Blonde Wig – Ebay.co.uk // Another iconic piece to this outfit (if you don’t want to shave your head!) is Eleven's blonde wig. I couldn’t find a wig that was the right length so I decided to buy a long blonde wig and cut it to the length I wanted. Problem solved!

04.   The Tube Socks – Amazon.co.uk // You can pick these up from Amazon or eBay fairly cheap (maybe even in some sports shops). I managed to find ones that were pretty spot on but ones that have plain green strips will also work well.

05.   The Navy Jacket – Primark // I picked this jacket up from Primark, but you can find a navy bomber jacket from pretty much anywhere at the moment, I'm sure you can find cheaper ones on Amazon or eBay.

06.   The Shoes – Newlook // If you already own a pair of white converse, I'm jealous! I really should get myself a white pair! But, if like me you don’t own a pair, I found a pair in Newlook that will do the job nicely.

07.   The Calculator Watch – Ebay.co.uk // They say it's all in the details and in the series you'll see Mike give Eleven his cool kick ass calculator watch (so 80's, I love it!). I found this on eBay for a steal – it arrives pretty quick and, if I'm being totally honest, I've already started wearing it!

08.   Eleven's favourite food – Etsy // Finally, to round the costume off, I found an Etsy seller selling a print out of a box of Eggos – this will definitely take your Eleven costume to the next level of coolness!

I can't wait for Halloween; it's my favourite time of the year (besides Christmas) – scary movies, hot drinks, leaves changing colours, wrapping up warm with scarves and jumpers! It's at this time of the year I wish I was over in the USA, they just seem to go all out for Halloween over there, unlike here in the UK, where Halloween is pretty much non-existent, it goes from boiling hot summer to Christmas decorations overnight, shops over here just skip over Halloween!

Hope you all have a crackin' All Hallows Eve! xo


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