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Friday, 23 December 2016

To Me, From Me ... My New Tattoo

I know, getting a tattoo is not the most practical thing to get so close to Christmas, especially when you're trying to save your pennies because you need to spend them all on Christmas presents, BUT I just couldn’t help myself and I guess I'm just gunna go with it’s a Christmas present to myself! Isn't she a beaut of a Christmas present though?

I'm slowly but surely filling in and working my way up my legs one piece at a time. I'm not sure what made me decide to get the dagger with a rose, I think I knew I wanted a piece like that when I saw a drawing my tattoo artist did hanging up on his wall the last time I was there and thought that it would be a good filler at the side of my lower leg. She's healed up real nice! She's coming to end of the dry stage so I'm constantly slapping moisturizer on to keep the skin hydrated, but she really hasn't taken that long to heal up and didn’t itch too bad – the itchy stage of a tattoo is the worst isn't it?!

Pain wise, I'd say like a 5/6ish out of 10, there were even some places I couldn’t really feel the pain, although it got pretty tasty the closer he got to my ankle! A lot of people ask me if getting a tattoo hurts – you're having somewhere between 1 and 13 (possibly more depending on the shading/what you're getting) needles jammed in and out of your skin, of course every tattoo you get is going to hurt! Lol But for me, it depends where abouts on the body my tattoo is as to how much it hurts, for me at least, getting tattooed on my legs has always been pretty easy! I also find that I can cope with pain better on one side of my body than the other – it's all down to the individual. I'd this little baby took about 2 hours-ish to finish off. It's not the longest I've sat for a tattoo.

I did have some swelling, but I do with most of my tattoos – thanks so much sensitive skin! But I've got a few tricks up my sleeve now to help!

Can you believe its 2 more sleeps (including tonight) till Christmas? Merry Christmas Eve Eve! Meeep! xo


  1. Such a beautiful piece with pretty colours - I'd love to get a tattoo at some point!

    Lucy | Forever September

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